Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree Video

The setting, The Venues and the Bands

Scenic beauty of the Sun Valley area is featured in this video along with some terrific music artistry and a showcase of the nine venues.  The Sun Valley Inn offers The Limelight Room & The Continental Room. The Sun Valley Lodge has the Sun Room, the Lodge Dining Room, and the Duchin Room. There is the famous Opera House and Satchmo’s. The River Run Lodge. The Indoor Ice Rink. Video from the 2012 Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree provided by Franklin Clay Films.

Appearances by:

  • The Midiri Brothers – “I’m Going Up to Sun Valley” Benny Goodman Style.
  • Big Bang Jazz Band
  • Pear Django
  • Tom Hook
  • Tom Rigney – “The Milk Cow Blues.
  • Bill & Shelley
  • Bill Allred’s Classic Jazz Band
  • Bruce Innes Trio
  • Cornet Chop Suey
  • We Three
  • Meschiya Lake & dem Lil’ Big Horns
  • Glen Crytzer and his Syncopators
  • Blue Street Jazz Band
  • Steve Lucky & the Rhumba Bums
  • Pietr Meijers Quartet with Brady McKay
  • Jerry Krahn Quartet
  • Titan Hot Seven
  • Yve Evans & Danny Coots
  • Night Blooming Jazzmen
  • The Whiffenpoofs from Yale
  • Dance Lessons & Competitions

“It Happens in Sun Valley” Get tickets now for the next one!