RV Guidelines

RV Event Parking

On behalf of the Directors of the Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree and the Sun Valley Company, I would like to welcome you to the Sun Valley Jazz Event Parking area.

This area is full of history, as you will see in your traveling around the valley. You will be amazed at the natural beauty of the Wood River Valley. As an RV owner, your task is to help preserve this beauty and to encourage the residents to invite us back each year. Included are some basic rules and requirements for camping on Sun Valley Property as well as being “friendly” to the local property owners and the environment:

  • RV Registration:  Obtain your pass either from the RV Hosts or at Registration in the Sun Valley Inn. Please display your pass where the hosts can see it by driving by on the fire lanes. There are no refunds.
  • Quiet Hours: From 11:00 pm until 7:00 am. Please, do not run generators, no loud music, no loud talking or other obnoxious noises that may bother others. Please preserve the right to quiet for your nearby neighbors and Ketchum residents. If you want to use generator power all night, please see RV Host for generator area parking. All other quiet rules must be observed even in the generator parking area.
  • Food: Do Not leave food items out as you may attract some unwanted dinner guests.
  • Laundry: Do not hang laundry or put up an outside clothesline in the event RV parking areas.
  • Campfires: No open campfires. Propane type fire places are okay as long as someone is by the fire. If you walk away, please turn it off.
  • Trash: Put your trash in proper receptacles. The Event Coordinator has provided a dumpster for you to utilize.
  • Waste Water: DO NOT dump grey or black water on the ground. Being caught doing so will result in possible fines and automatic expulsion from the RV Event Parking area. The newest RV dump is located 11.8 miles in Hailey. ID. It is located across from the airport next to the Shell Station.
  • Pets: Clean up after your pets…you know what we mean!
  • Environment: Do not change oil or perform other environmentally unsafe practices on Sun Valley property.
  • Secure: DO lock and secure your equipment while you are away from your unit.
  • Common Sense: Use your RV common sense and we can preserve the privilege of using Sun Valley parking areas for RV Events parking.
  • Safe Travels: The Sun Valley Company requests that all camping activity cease at 11:00 am on Monday, October 20th.

Thank you for cooperating with the staff and management of the Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree, the Sun Valley Company, and the wonderful residents who live in this area.