Tips for Boondocking

Some helpful hints that will help you with your “dry camping” experience without hook-ups.

Making your water last longer:

  • Run your shower long enough to get wet, turn off water, soap down and then rinse off.
  • Sink baths or shaving? Put water in small basin. Use just enough to perform your task. Throw water down toilet into black tank.
  • Dishes: Use a basin to perform task. When finished, dump down toilet into black water tank. We generate more grey water than black water during our RV stays and it seems as if the grey water tank is smaller than the black water tank.


  • Fact: It can get hot during the day in Sun Valley. We have a tendency to run the AC when we aren’t around or to keep our pets comfortable. Consider a higher setting than that to which you are accustomed with your pet. Otherwise, don’t waste power and fuel running your AC. Try opening windows and vents while you are away.
  • Charging batteries does not require more than 2 hours of generator time. Read your RV manual.
  • Turn off lights and equipment that you are not using. Remember, this isn’t your house.

Increase your GREEN:

  • Only turn on your hot water heater 15 minutes before you need it in the morning. The water will still be warm enough for hand washing and other stuff throughout the day.
  • Think solar. It will run small appliances and help charge your batteries on sunshine days.
  • Did you know that running your heater all night will deplete your batteries faster than any thing else you use in your coach? I had my dealer put in a propane quick disconnect and I use a catalytic heater to keep the chill off during the nights I get cold.
  • Add an inverter if you don’t have one. Then you can use battery power to run your TV and keep the outdoors quiet.
  • Do you have a CPAP machine? Consider a 12 volt connection when boondocking. I had a 12 volt adaptor wired in next to the bed. It uses very little battery power even after a full nights use. Make sure yours can be used on 12 volt and then see a Radio Shack Representative. No all-night generator noise!!