Experience five straight days of live music…

2015 Schedule will be posted in the last two weeks of September.

  • Tuesday, October 13th + Mardi Gras Party + Music in the Town Square
  • Wednesday, October 14th  + Music in the Town Square
  • Thursday, October 15th + Wine Tasting  + Music in the Town Square
  • Friday, October 16th
  • Saturday, October 17th + Wine Tasting
  • Sunday, October 18th + Afterglow Dinner and Big Band Dance

Over 40 bands, there are over 40 special events scheduled for this year. Many are only scheduled once, so be sure to check the program at the event for times and places.

General Event Sponsors

New list coming soon!

Special Events

  • Free Dance Lessons
  • Amateur Dance Competition – All dancers are welcome to enter.

    • Beginning Swing Competition
    • 50+ Dance Competition
    • Jack & Jill  Competition
    • Advanced Lindy Competition
  • All Star Big Band Bash – Best all star big band in the country.
  • Marching Band Salute – Marching Band Music Fest with over 50 talented musicians.
  • Movie Day – Wednesday, Opera House.
  • Showtime – Enjoy your favorite show tunes.
  • Pianorama – Pianist showcase.
  • Classical Renegades – Classically trained musicians who have “crossed over to the jazz side”.
  • Jazz Worship Service
  • Grand Finale – An entertaining review of jazz artists of the week.
  • And more to come!!!

Requires Special Ticket

  • Afterglow Dinner – Dinner, All Star Big Band & Dancing. Purchase tickets early for best seats!