Forty Bands with Performances by Over 200 Musicians

Special Thanks to Our 2015 Event Sponsors:

AARP, Airstream Adventures NW, Ibby Brooke, Kimberly Anne Clements (in memory of Mary Ellen Drashner), Wayne & Wyn Clews, Bruce & Lynne Cohne Philanthropic Fund, Jeff & Laura Dorr, Janette Ellis, Liz & Skip George, Ralph & Marge Hafer, Lynn & Nancy Hurley, Tom & Tish Jochums, Shayla Koffler, Barbara Kruse, Barbara & Harry Lee, Jan Queal, Gene & Helen Stunz, Dick & Sandy Tretheway, Bill & Mary Alice Wilson

Enjoy many styles of music: Vintage Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Cabaret Jazz, Swing, Western Swing, Big Band, Zydeco, Gypsy Jazz, Blues, and more.

Artists from the 2015 Sun Valley Jazz & Music Festival

After Midnight

Sponsored By: Doug & Sherri Wickman

After Midnight Band

Award winning clarinetist Roger Campbell leads this hot sextet reminiscent of the Big Band era. Swinging hard since 1997, this extraordinary group of musicians has performed thousands of concerts around the world for jazz festivals, clubs, weddings, summer concerts and more. They conquer dizzying charts of Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw and Lionel Hampton. It’s tight, fun exciting, danceable and hugely popular among the jazz and swing crowds.

All Star Big Band

It’s not often these days we have the opportunity to enjoy an amazing re-creation of the Big Band sound. Our Thursday night offering of the Big Band Swing era, with a stellar line up of artists, is lead by Joe Midiri. Not to overstate the obvious here, but Joe is a pretty talented guy as well and he loves this show as does the band. It is just too bad that we only get to do this once a year. This group may just levitate you right out of your seats and onto the dance floor.

Barnhart-Midiri Quartet

Sponsored by: Thomas & Penny Brondum

Barnhart - Midiri Quartet

This delightful foursome will be featured during the festival due to popular request. Don’t miss the magic that happens when you get the rare opportunity to catch them.

Blue Renditions

Sponsored by: Dick & Nina Snyder, John & Sharon Wellsandt
Ladies Sing set Sponsored by: Joan Evans Ahlf

Blue Renditions features our 2006 Great Lady of Jazz, Dr. Sherri-Lynn Colby. Sherri, who hit the jazz scene at age 14 as the “Sirene of the San Jaquin.” She has certainly grown up!

Sherri’s cabaret style allows her to establish intimate contact with her audience. Her maturity in life and music makes for sweet listening, with a bit of soul searching thrown in for good measure. Sherri’s husband Matt rounds out the group with a serious face…watch for the imp-grin that flits across occasionally! Expect vocal jazz with synergistic instrumentation.

Blue Street Jazz Band

Sponsored by: Pat & Perry Cantwell, Tom Crais, T’s & Temptations, Wilson & Louise Williams
“Patriotic Set” with US Coast Guard Dixie Band Sponsored by: Tim Gee & Mary Kay Walker
Sunday Morning Gospel special set Sponsored by: Bob & Rebecca Mitchell

Blue Street Jazz BandThe Blue Street Jazz Band is one of the most innovative groups in traditional jazz. The band earned the reputation as The Bad Boys of Dixieland for their eclectic tastes in music. At any performance the audience is liable to hear various styles of music including swing, Mardi Gras, folk, marches, waltzes, Latin music, and hymns. Uniquely, Blue Street Jazz Band touts three music educators: Dave Ruffner, a retired high school band director, Rick Canfield, a junior high school band director, and Forrest Helmick, an elementary school music teacher. Expect jet propelled traditional jazz with eclectic interludes.

Bob Draga with Friends

Sponsored by: Judith Anderson, Ann & Bob McKellar (McKellar Family Farms), Carolyn & Tom Westhoff
Clarinet Clambake special set Sponsored by: Barbara Queal

This is a group that has become one of the favorites on the festival circuit these last couple years and thanks in part I think to Mr. Dragas twisted sense of humor and playing style. It’s always a good show with these very talented artists and we are thrilled to have been able to get them here in Sun Valley.
Bob is also a guy that really gets around (no pun intended) and you are likely to see him show up just about anyplace music is happening.


Boise Straight Ahead

Boise Straight Ahead was formed in 1997. They love the big band sound and the uniquely American music that honors the many big bands that have played this music in the past. They have focused on playing community events in the Treasure Valley and have donated more than $55,000 in performance fees to local charities.

This all volunteer army is demonstrating at every opportunity their passion to keep this music alive and we all get to benefit from their hours of dedication. A must see if you love the Big Band sound. Faithful renditions of the Big Band era. They are great for listening or dancing.

Brianne Gray and the Jake VP Band

Brianne Gray and the Jake VP BandOnce again we have the pleasure of having the young and talented Brianne Gray and Jake Van Paepeghem show us all where the heart for this music comes from. While it has been a few years since they have joined us we know they will once again delight all that choose to take in their show.


Bruce Innes Trio

Sponsored by: Jack & Bonnie Kirk

Bruce-InnesSince Bruce’s traumatic accident last October, he has been fighting the good fight and is really looking forward to performing at the festival this year.

Bruce and the guys will delight you with a large repertoire of original music and decades of experience entertaining satisfied listeners from all over the world. Don’t miss the chance to hear “Jack Daniels, You Lied to Me Again” or any number of other songs that will keep playing in your memories long after the festival is over. They are seasoned veterans showing off their skill in American Folk and original music.

Casey MacGill & His High 5

Sponsored by: Marti Andersen, Kit Worthington (in memory of Doris Worthington)

Casey-MacGill-150Casey MacGill performs music that swings. Nat “King” Cole Trio meets the Mills Brothers. Fats Waller meets Fats Domino. Slim Galliard meets Fred Astaire. It is classic American music of many decades in three-part harmony vocals, piano-ukulele-bass-and-drums rhythm section that swings in a variety of textures. Think boogie-woogie, swing, and stride piano. Casey has been singing and arranging vocal harmonies for over 40 years and blows a lyrical jazz cornet, and delights crowds with his unique 6-string tenor ukulele.

John & Kristy Cocuzzi

Sponsored by: Donna (Finidori) & Joseph Allenwood

John & Kristy CocuzziJohn Cocuzzi swings! He knows how to captivate the listeners as well as keep the dancers on their feet. His audience rapport, along with the superb musicians found in his company, have set the standard for those who demand quality entertainment.

Kristy has a sultry voice that has thrilled audiences everywhere and was featured on vocals, sax, and clarinet with Big Tiny Little for almost 10 years. She has toured as lead alto, clarinet, and vocalist with the “Live Lawrence Welk Show” as well as being a member of the “Champagne Music Makers” at the Welk Resort in Branson, Missouri. Expect seamless melodies and a smooth touch on the keys, skins, and bars.

Cornet Chop Suey

Sponsored by: Emil & Barbara Capik and Bernie & Darlene Gratton, Peter & Becky Langhus, Merrick Family, Tom & Ida Gay Nicolino, Peter & Betty Jane Van Houten, Tony & Barbara West
Performance at Hemingway Elementary Sponsored by: Bill & Terri Jones

Cornet Chop SueyCornet Chop Suey will give you an exciting jazz and swing show every time, presented with gusto and enthusiasm. With a century of songs in their repertoire, from the rags and Dixie of the early 1900s to contemporary jump, jazz and swing, their high-energy front line and powerful rhythm section produce an exciting new sound and approach that is a proven crowd pleaser. Their powerful two-trumpet front line reminiscent of the Lu Watters Yerba Buena aggregation.

Ellis Island Boys

Ellis-Island-Boys-150The Ellis Island Boys are joining us at Sun Valley for the first time this year. You’ll notice they’re not really all boys. What they are is a fun exciting jazz quartet, which will delight you with a wide selection of jazz tunes from the 1920’s and 1930’s including specialty numbers, vocals and even sophisticated ballads. They are featured at Disney California Adventure on the Paradise Garden Bandstand and will also provide their specific brand of comedy and entertainment.

Gator Nation

Sponsored by: Ken & Sigrid Miles, Louisa Moats & Steve Mitchell
Performance at Wood River High Sponsored by: Bill & Terri Jones
Jazz in the Square on Wednesday Sponsored by: Atkinsons’ Market
“Zydeco Hurricane” set Sponsored by: Ken & Sigrid Miles, Dennis & Shary Wellsandt

Gator Nation BandGator Nation is a hand-clapping, foot-stomping, high energy concert and dance band. With an instinct for survival, Gator Nation continues to adapt itself to its audiences, always with something fresh yet true to its calling.

That calling is to represent the music of South Louisiana in all its forms, Cajun, Zydeco, and New Orleans style R & B. They have the talent and diversity to do so, to express the nuances that define the genres.  The result is a remarkable show with so much variety and depth that at the end of the show, the Gator Nation Band leaves you happy and hollerin’ “the BEAT goes on!”

Gonzalo Bergara Quartet

Sponsored by: Micki & Dan Chapin, Ross & Martha Jennings, Merrick Family, Bob & Lynne Nicholson, Leigh & Louise Rabel

Gonzalo-BergaraThe all-acoustic Gonzalo Bergara Quartet plays a modern variant of 1930s Django Reinhardt-inspired gypsy jazz. Composer and lead guitarist Gonzalo Bergara mixes a cascade of arpeggios with the sounds of Paris and his native Argentina. His first CD, Porteña Soledad, was Editor’s Pick in Guitar Player Magazine, and Vintage Guitar Magazine called it a “masterpiece.” His performance has weight, density, gravity. This is serious….and deeply moving.

High Street

Sponsored by: Maureen & Paul Schwendener
“Dance Through the Decades” set Sponsored by: Gale & Betty Maxey

When attending one of High Street’s performances, be prepared…. for anything. You could even end up as part of the act, or with someone in your lap! In other words, these guys give it all and they give it every time.

You don’t want to miss a moment. It’s likely, however, that you may hear something written sometime after 1945. But hey, with all the fun you’ll be having and the energy in the room… even if you do care, you won’t notice. Expect high energy with a rock ‘n roll.


Sponsored by: Chuck & JoAnn Anderson, Judith Anderson, Ray & Lynda Prindle, Jim & Doris Van Olst, Maryann Wilson
“Silent Movies” with Jeff Barnhart Sponsored by: Diane Thach

Ivory&GoldAnne and Jeff Barnhart have credits that stretch across the U.S. and back again. Anne is a classically trained flautist and the organizer of our ever-popular Classical Renegades set, where we feature some of our other classically trained artists who have “crossed over to the jazz side.” Husband Jeff has a ragtime/stride piano background and his charm and wit will make you smile. The perfect and unique blend of soulful and blistering jazz piano, flute, and vocals. Expect refreshingly unique music which is a pleasure to hear.

Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners

Sponsored by: John & Sherry Burke, Don & Juanita Robb, Kit Worthington (in memory of Doris Worthington)

Jacob Miller and the Bridge City CroonersIt is our privilege to host the debut of this new and exciting group of young & talented roots-oriented musicians for the first time at a Jazz festival. Jacob Miller and the band have taken the hot jazz of the 20’s & 30’s and combined it with country blues, jug, and ragtime styles to create an irresistible sound.

Dancers and listeners alike will enjoy timeless vocals & expertly crafted originals. This 6-piece outfit also creates stunning arrangements of traditional material. A breath of fresh air in both the Americana and trad jazz worlds.

Joe Fos Trio

The Duchin Room has been a gathering place at Sun Valley since 1937. Stop by during the festival, and you will meet a mix of musicians and jazz fans from around the world. Many of Joe’s friends will drop in to play with the trio. Known by many as “Mr. Sun Valley” Joe is a fixture in the Duchin and he is also the MC of our Pianorama. Beautifully flowing piano, tunes you know and love. Keep watch, anyone is likely to show up at any moment to jam with Joe.

Lisa Kelly & JB Scott

Sponsored by: Bill & Pat Harding
Performance at Hailey Elementary Sponsored by: Bill & Terri Jones

scott-kelly-phillips-150Debuting their CD Renditions at Sun Valley in 2013, Lisa and JB return with pianist Jeff Phillips playing classic jazz, shuffles, Bossa Novas, New Orleans favs and more. Delivering musically entertaining sets in various presentations, including JB in the “Sun Valley Jazz Allstars.” On international stages together since 1997, JB also led the famed Dukes of Dixieland in New Orleans, Lisa sang with the legendary Larry Elgart Orchestra, just receiving her 6th DownBeat Magazine award for Best Jazz Vocalist. Jeff Phillips is one of the best pianists in the circuit today, knowing a wealth of tunes, playing with a list of luminaries. Together these folks make great music!

Kyle Rowland Blues Band

Sponsored by: Char Branton, KR Properties LLC, Jan Matthews (Merrill Lynch)
Jazz in the Square on Thursday Sponsored by: Atkinsons’ Market

Kyle Rowland Blues Band

Backed by a seasoned group of excellent bluesmen this talented young man lights up the stage with soulful renditions of Blues standards and many of his own original tunes.

This particular “authentic” American music has not been presented here before in such a distilled presentation but the talent and energy is sure to make a few new “Blues” fans this week.

In the true spirit of those giants of Blues music Kyle will leave his mark too, and win your heart in the process.

Kings of Swing

Dressed in their tuxedos the Kings of Swing add an air of 1940s elegance and style to every performance. The Kings are a 17-piece dance band that originated in 1944 under the direction of Gib Hochstrasser. They have delighted the crowds here in Sun Valley since our first festival. Our Saturday night TRIBUTE TO GLENN MILLER Big Band is a favorite and always has a full dance floor. Close your eyes and you will think Glenn is right here with us.

Midiri Brothers Sextet

Sponsored by: Richard & Penny Weiss
“Jazz Sunday” at the Presbyterian Church of the Big Wood Sponsored by: Fred & Gail Bieker, Lynn & Sharon Bockemohle, Jim & Chrissy Field, Evelyn Lee & Patrick Murphy, Edie Middleton, George & Charlotte Vehrs, Richard & Penny Weiss, Jackie Wieman

Talk about gifted brothers! Between the two of them, Joe and Paul play almost every musical instrument known to man. They feature the music of what most people consider to be the best small Jazz group of all time — The Benny Goodman Sextet.

You might also catch a Lionel Hampton tune or two. Tight arrangements and musical excellence make them a must see. Goodman and Hampton ala Midiri.

PBJ (Paul Reid, Brian Casserly, & Jim Lawlor)

Here is a unique opportunity to see three guys who love to perform any place and have fun doing it. They put this trio together as much for their own enjoyment as for yours.

We are pleased to offer this special treat, but because of their busy schedules (Cornet Chop Suey & The Midiri Brothers) there are only a few chances to see them together, so don’t miss it! Expect to laugh! In addition you will enjoy piano virtuosity, crooning vocals, and sizzling trumpet.

Pieter Meijers Quartet with Brady McKay

Peiter Meijers Quartet Sponsored by: Dorothy & David Anderson, Judith Anderson, Miles & Elaine Frazel, Robert & Kathryn Gardner (in memory of Mary Ellen Drashner)
Brady McKay Sponsored by: Dan & Marlene Graham

Pieter Meijers & Brady McKayIt’s always a rare and entertaining treat when we can see this great band come together for us here in Sun Valley. It’s a magical moment when Pieter and Brady get together and always a favorite.

Brady McKay commands the stage with a flair of experience and theater background to rouse your appetite with her antics, talent and gorgeous femme fatale qualities! Lyrical standards done the way you remember them.

Gary Ryan

Sponsored by: Jim & Phyllis Alter, Ed Hartshorn

Gary RyanThe well traveled and world renowned funny man and banjo virtuoso will grace our stages this year.  The owner of “Goofy Graphics” in Morro Bay, California, Gary is no stranger to Sun Valley or the festival circuit. We are thrilled he will be joining us again this year. Fine banjo and lots of merry making! Don’t miss his “Storytime” set or his set with John Reynolds “Comic Relief.” Watch for him. He may show up anywhere!

Ellie Shaw

Sponsored by: Kali Carringer

ellie-shaw-150The minute Ellie walks on the stage you know you are in for a treat.  Her vintage wardrobe and respect for the genre become clear the moment she counts off her tunes. Her show includes standards from the jazz era that are given new life as Ellie swings them with her own interpretation.  Always a crowd favorite, Ellie’s vintage vocals have been influenced by Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and countless other great voices from the era.  Rounding out their sound is rhythm guitar provided by Kiley Shaw. Ellie is an old soul with a sparkling personality who transports audiences back in time with her authenticity and talent.

Sherri Colby’s Racket Makers & Friends

Sponsored by: Sally & Glen Dillon, Wilson & Louise Williams

Sherri Colby’s New Orleans Racket Makers Jazz Band boast some of the finest young musicians playing early jazz in new Orleans today. The Racket Makers’ music will have you dancing and swinging all night long… just take a listen and you will hear their love for the old songs and styles that invoke the spirit of New Orleans jazz. Inspired by their love for the tradition, the Racket Makers’ energy is infectious and the music goes right to the heart of the matter: Let’s have fun! Classic New Orleans jazz reminiscent Preservation Hall.

Side Street Strutters Jazz Band w/ Meloney Collins

Sponsored by: Melinda & Phil Sander

Side Street Strutters Jazz BandThe Side Street Strutters have been busy presenting formal concerts, symphony pops programs and student outreach programs since 1983.  They entertained guests at the Disneyland Resort for 22 years and are proud to present  “Shiny Stockings”, a new show featuring the vocal stylings of Meloney Collins.

Together, the Strutters and Ms. Collins borrow from their extensive repertoire of beautifully crafted arrangements, colorful costumes, tap dancing, exciting showmanship and musicianship to create a performance which breathes new life into melodies popularized by the great songstresses of the golden age of jazz. A most enjoyable, rewarding musical experience!

Sun Valley Jazz All Stars

Sponsored by: Rex & Marilyn Dorman, Janice Eichler (Bill Allred), Rebecca & Bob Mitchell, Cinda & Ray Vertrees

Sun Valley Jazz All Stars 2015Pictured at left:
Bill Allred, Jerf Barnhart, Terry Myers
John Cocuzzi, Clint Baker, John Reynolds, and J.B.Scott.

For years we had wanted to assemble a “Directors’ Choice” band and it worked so well for us last year, we decided to keep the act with a few new faces. We expect this to be a real “barn burner” group again. We really don’t know what may happen, but there will be great music and everyone will be highly pleased with the entertainment.

Sun Valley Jazz Marching Band

Sponsored by: Tim Gee & Mary Kay Walker

A featured event for many years here and unparalleled on the jazz festival circuit this special tribute to the Marching Band can be a very emotional hour. This is “everyone invited” and a great treat for those of us that played in a high school band and want to sit next to a pro. Come join a thousand others and feel your patriotism surge while the local Girl Scouts present the colors. To be fully alive, awake, and energized.

Titan Hot 7

Jason Wanner Sponsored by: Dorothy & David Anderson

Titan Hot SevenBorn out of the “Jack Daniels Silver Cornet Band” this group had the metamorphosis of growing from five to seven, became an instant hit, and has stormed the halls of many notable haunts around the world. As an accomplished ensemble that captures the moment of magic, you’ll always come back for more. Look for any of these versatile “Titans” to appear as a guest or with other artists and you’ll know why they have won the hearts of so many. Traditional jazz at its best with outstanding soloists and good humor.

Tom Hook

Sponsored by: Judith Anderson, Marlin & Nancy Icenogle, Merrick Family, Poo Sisters (Jane Munro, Rhonda Wong, Teala Percin, Lita Naillon), Bill & Judy Platt, Ray & Lynda Prindle
Tuesday night Mardi Gras Party Sponsored by: Cory Lively

Tom HookTom Hook, the Original BIG Dog himself, of the Black Dogs Jazz Band fame. If a piano player could be a one man band, Tom would be your guy. You can never tell who may drop in to play, as you will see, it’s too much fun to pass up when you have the chance to take the stage with him.

Also it can be a magical time when you get to see this great entertainer as a solo act which only happens a few times. You can expect to laugh, cry, dance or bark all in the same hour.
Be sure to ask him if you get a chance…What’s Swamp music?

Tom Rigney & Flambeau

Sponsored by: Judith Anderson, Mary Ellen Drashner, Don & Ellen Easterbrook, Carol & Len Harlig, Leigh & Louise Rabel, Bill & Marti Upton
“Zydeco Hurricane” set Sponsored by: Ken & Sigrid Miles, Dennis & Shary Wellsandt

Tom Rigney, a fiery, electrifying violinist / composer, joins forces with some of the finest musicians on the San Francisco roots music scene to form Tom Rigney & Flambeau, a band that generates enough heat and energy to ignite a dance floor or lift an audience to its feet.

Tom Rigney & Flambeau were voted Best Cajun / Zydeco Band of 2004 by the West Coast Blues Hall of Fame. Cajun and zydeco two-steps, low-down blues, funky New Orleans grooves, and heartbreaking beautiful ballads and waltzes.

Stephanie Trick

Sponsored by: In Loving Memory of Donna Barnum, Vonne Anne Heninger & Bob Burch

stephanie-trick-150Stephanie Trick “has come to practically dominate the stride piano field,” notes reviewer Jack Rummel. Harlem stride piano, which developed in the 1920s and ‘30s, is an orchestral style of two handed piano playing that not only swings, but is also technically demanding and exciting to watch. Louis Mazetier, a respected interpreter of this genre, writes in the Bulletin of the Hot Club of France that she has “won the esteem of specialists in the genre with wonderful interpretations of stride classics.”

Stephanie was the 2012 recipient of the prestigious Kobe-Breda Jazz Friendship Award, and has performed in many parts of the United States as well as in Europe in a variety of venues.

U.S. Coast Guard Dixie Band

Sponsored by: Osgood Army (Jean Iverson, Sonnie Kirtley, Marian Osgood, Charlotte Thompson)
Jazz in the Square on Friday Sponsored by: Atkinsons’ Market
“Patriotic Set” with Blue Street Jazz Band Sponsored by: Tim Gee & Mary Kay Walker

us-coast-guard-dixieland-band-150The United States Coast Guard Dixieland Jazz Band was organized in 1970 to perform classic jazz, blues, and rags with a “New Orleans” flavor. The Dixieland Jazz Band has entertained audiences across America, in the former Soviet Union and in England.

Notable venues include the open-air theater in Disney World, the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, at the “Galaxy Jazz Festival” in Milwaukee, the Embarcadero in San Francisco, the John F. Kennedy Center Millennium Stage in Washington, D.C., and at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The group has also performed on numerous radio and television broadcasts across the nation.

We Three

Sponsored by: Ray & Lynda Prindle, Jackie Wieman

If you have never been able to get in the door at a We Three set, it’s no surprise. While you never know what you’ll see (OR hear!) the entertainment is non-stop. This ever popular trio has more fun than should be allowed by law, and before you know it, they will have won your heart, too. Not to be missed. Superb showmanship, hilarious antics, great music.

Yale Whiffenpoofs

Sponsored by: Orwig Family

Every year, fourteen senior Yale men are selected to be in The Whiffenpoofs, the world’s oldest and best-known collegiate a cappella group. Founded in 1909, the Whiffs began as a senior quartet that met for weekly concerts at the famous Yale tavern.

Today, the group has become one of Yale’s most celebrated and hallowed traditions. Charming young men crooning delightful harmonies.

Yve Evans

Sponsored by: Mark & Cathy Steel, Oliver & Bonnie Steel
Sunday “Jazz Mass” Sponsored by: Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church

Yve EvansThis irresistible lady can belt the blues one moment, and whisper and whine the next. Her impeccable vocal styling captures the imagination. Yve greets her website fans by saying, “Hello, I’m Yve Evans. Welcome to my world. Here in Evansworld we sing, dance and have a Great Time!” That about sums it up. Moving vocals with a modern twist and a touch of humor.


The above artists are scheduled to appear. Schedule is subject to change without notice.

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