What does a Sun Valley Jazz & Music Festival event volunteer do? Volunteers assist in room and audience management in a variety of musical venue locations. They have the choice to be in the large musical event rooms that hold 900 jazz fans or in the smaller, intimate Satchmo’s room. Other volunteers work on the Sound Team (audio/acoustics), Property Management (facility and band setups), Drive Team (for the Bands and Musicians), Hospitality Room (the musician’s, sponsor’s and volunteer’s break room) or serve at the Sponsor’s Information Table.

How much time during the Jazz & Music Festival does a volunteer work? Volunteers serve 12 hours total during the five day Jazz event.

Who assigns the days and hours? A Site Manager or Team Manager will coordinate with the volunteer which days and time shifts they prefer to work. Some Site Managers schedule their volunteers in 3 hours shifts (4 shifts = 12 hrs) and others schedule in 4 hour shifts (3 shifts = 12 hrs). Volunteers are needed from 7:30 am to as late as 1 am at some of the musical venues.

When would I have to be in Sun Valley? All volunteers report on Wednesday, October 14th, 2015. New Volunteer Orientation starts at 10 am. This is followed by an All Volunteer meeting at 11 am. Then all volunteers enjoy a fabulous buffet luncheon with their Site Manager and team members in the Limelight Room.

Who do I contact if I’m interested or need more information?
Sonnie Kirtley, Volunteer Coordinator  Click Here or call her at 602-717-3886.

What expenses would I have?

Each assigned volunteer receives the All Events Badge that admits them to any musical event throughout the week. They reserve and pay for their own lodging arrangements as well as meals and other expenses. New volunteers must purchase the official teal-colored SV Jazz & Music Festival volunteer shirt that is worn with appropriate slacks, trousers or a skirt. 

Volunteer Shirts

Pre-Ordered volunteer shirts may be picked up at the Communication Center prior to first shift.

Prices reflect a $5 discount for the first year with cool new shirts.  Stock up now!  

volunteer-shirtsRegular polo

Long Sleeves

*Listed price does not include 10% tax (6% Idaho state sales tax + 4% Sun Valley local option tax), which will be added during checkout.

Pre-Ordered volunteer shirts may be picked up at the Communication Center prior to first shift.